For your smile. For your health. For You!

Beaverton Dentist – Irina Moga, DDS

There’s a real person behind your smile…

Seems like a pretty straightforward statement. But too often, when you’ve visited the
dentist office, the dentists and their staff have likely shuffled you through without so much as a ‘hello.’ When Dr. Irina Moga launched her private dental clinic practice in 2004 that’s something she wanted to change. And since that time, her patients have experienced an uncommon level of both dental care and personal attention.

When you’re a patient of Dr. Moga you’ll notice the difference from the moment you walk in… You’ll be greeted with a smile that has a real person behind it. Our team will spend time with you to get to know you, identify your needs, determine the best approach to your dental treatment, and to help you manage your fees. Our focus is on you from your first call to the moment you step away from the clinic.

Of course we’re focused on helping you maintain a healthy smile. But our team also understands that a healthy smile is a key ingredient in a healthy life – and helping you become the best you can be is our goal.

For your smile! For your health! For you!
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